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Our aim is to perfect manufacturing...
Guneydogu Gida's foundations were laid in Gaziantep in the year of 1978. Our firm has been continuing... In the year of 1986 after expanding our platform into the global economy,
Guneydogu Gida San LTD STI. continued activities in Istanbul. Through excellence in the quality of service we have received significant references from our customers.

Guneydogu Gida continue to serve quality services with FSSC 22000:2010 quality certificates to all Turkey provinces especially Istanbul. Guneydogu Gida prepare raw materials in hygienical conditions to companies which produce chocolate and ice-cream, halvah and Turkish delight, and to meet other companies' prodcution requirements, to wholesale to dried fruit places.

As Güneydoğu Company, we service industrial nuts (Antep pistachio, Hazelnut, Walnut and Almond) Chocolate Dragee and Rice Crispie dragee. Our most important mission is meeting customers requests and satisfaction with considering quality,food safety and environment safety standards.

Our most important principle is delivering the goods on time, with qualified within the scope of legal legislation and statute.

Consequently, our aim is to increase corporate recruitment, staff performance and happiness; to create awarness of environment and occupational health and safety and maintaining to become one of the sperhead company in sector. All personal in Guneydogu Gida company, work in accordance with this principle.

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