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Supervision is even
better with technology...
Guneydogu Gida aim to be the best in quality and continuity. Hygiene and management standards of Guneydogu Gida has been approved in international fields by having the cerificate of FSSC 22000:2010 as well. 

Guneydogu Gida produces all of their products via "Food Production Certificate" which was obtained from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Guneydogu Gida controls their products under lab supervisions and performs final steps of delivery within the part of its quality control.

Our labs are filled with high-end technology equipments,
to analyze and run quality check by our professional  and skilled engineers, to offer required reports to our customers.

Guneydogu Gida, always operate for the best within these statistics, progress to be better everyday. Our aim is to meet perfect customer satisfaction.
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